Nobody likes waiting the glacially slow two-minutes it takes to microwave their lunch. Imagine how our customers feel waiting years for products only to discover the product doesn’t actually solve their problem anymore. Or, worse yet, it solves a problem they needed solved years ago.

According to David J Anderson or Troy Magennis, queues, handoffs and wait times represent at least 85% of delays in getting our product to markets. In this talk I’ll share concrete approaches to busing those delays. We’ll discuss common sources of delay and approaches to reducing or eliminating them using data-driven approaches such as Theory of Constraints and Systems Thinking.

Agile is about shortening learning cycles by reducing the time we waste on non-essential activities such as doing work that doesn’t create meaningful product, wasting energy on overly elaborate requirements documents that are outdated the minute they’re created and working as individuals instead of high-performing teams.

Come learn how to use Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints to significantly reduce or eliminate huge delays in your value streams. We want to deliver value to our customers quickly in order to get critical feedback from them on how to evolve the next iteration of our products.

While the customer waits, we’re not learning from them. Let’s solve that problem together using Theory of Constraints and systems thinking.

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