Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could instantly find out whether your code changes caused unintended (breaking) visual changes in other parts of your app? Or if within minutes of committing code, everyone in your team would be able to see the UI changes you’ve made and provide feedback without even having to access the updated application? How about being alerted immediately when a browser upgrade introduces defects in your UI? And wouldn’t it be cool to have a visual change log showing you the evolution of your UI?

Automated visual testing is transforming the way modern teams develop software. In this talk you will learn what automated visual testing is and how it can dramatically improve both the quality of your product and your development process. We will explain how visual test automation tools work, which ones are currently available (both open-source and commercial), and demo some advanced image-processing techniques that enable visual analysis of dynamic and complex web and mobile applications. And we’ll end by discussing how visual testing can plug into your development/deployment lifecycle, facilitates UI change awareness, enhances documentation, and streamlines communication & collaboration between you and your team members.

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