“Designers still use shockingly manual and even arcane methods of managing versions.” —Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe

Data corruption? Collaboration collisions? Files with names like`presentation-for-client-FINAL-FINALREALLY.psd`? Developers have benefitted from sophisticated version control tools for decades, but the state-of-the-art has always lagged behind for designs and their tools. Healthy version control eliminates unnecessary file management problems, secures your work, and helps take collaboration to the next level.

In this talk, JPB takes a tour through the history of version control, state-of-the-art options including open-source options like Git and commercial offerings from companies like Dropbox, Adobe, and InVision, and delves into best practices to help teams work better together, and help designers, product owners, and UXers stay sane in an age of overflowing digital file cabinets.

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