As the pace of organizational change and complexity accelerates, it’s critical that we find a way to move out of the “Do More with Less” mindset and build our competitive edge at truly doing less to create more time and space for innovation and sustainable value creation. Managing scope continues to remain elusive and most of the work we do fails to deliver the planned benefits or offset the cost and time spent to deliver it…..and sometimes even creating waste (like context switching because of too much WIP, technical debt, burnout, etc.) This workshop focuses on introducing practical tools and techniques to measure benefits realization, accelerate learning, manage scope and reduce waste. We’ll also introduce “Value Innovation” concepts for simultaneously focusing on the highest valued customers needs, understanding how customers perceive (and measure) value; and reducing both time and costs to generate optimal value. We’ll start with shattering some paradigms that no longer serve us to open our minds to “re-thinking”:

“more is better” To: “less is best”
“do more with less” “do less and achieve more”
”increase output” “decrease output and increase outcomes”

Most of this 75 minute will facilitate highly interactive, hands on workshop activities with small groups practicing creating a Value Innovation Driven set of tools that can be applied to improve Portfolio, Program, Project and Scope Management:

1. We kick-off with a brief 15 minute presentation to set context, introduce key concepts and walk through a case study and example of an Enterprise Value Model
2. Round 1: Facilitate a group activity to design an Enterprise Value Model an Value Drivers (15 minutes)
3. Round 2: Facilitate a group activity to focus on discovering the needs of the key customer (introducing 3 tools: Customer Value Canvas, Empathy Maps and “Day in the Life” Canvas (15 minutes)
4. Round 3: Facilitate a group activity to develop a Customer Value Matrix/Scorecard – bridging the Enterprise Value Model (business value) with how the customer perceives value (introducing 4 tools: Value Scorecard, Voice of Customer Measures, Value Dials and how to calculate a normalized Value Index (15 minutes)

The workshop will wrap with 15 minutes of sharing highlights from group work along with their key learnings, Q&A and how participants might start applying these tools and techniques in their environments. We will capture questions and facilitate an Open Jam session the following day to address unanswered questions and deepen the learning.

This workshop will provide foundational concepts and practical tools and techniques to apply immediately in your enterprise to measure and manage an optimum flow of value and make value informed portfolio, program and project level decisions – which will be especially value for anyone considering Enterprise Agile.

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