User Experience Designers often have challenges aligning with agile teams. Maybe you’ve heard things like:

* “Developers aren’t *really* interested in the user, they just want to build.”
* “I’m trying to work side-by-side with the team, but I’m always a cycle ahead of them, so we don’t have a lot to talk about in our Daily Scrum.”
* “Why don’t developers use my design artifacts and decisions? Why do they never go back and refactor for good design? Why do I feel like I never have any influence?!?!”

In this talk I’ll share insights I’ve had in integrating Scrum and agile with User Experience. We’ll learn about why it *is* incredibly important for all developers to know users intimately, providing motivation for people to work together and figure this out. We will talk about specific patterns for UX design to be *both* forward looking and iterative/incremental— thereby allowing designers and developers to execute the same work (user stories, PBIs) within a single Sprint— and how there is much to learn from testers, data analysts, and application architects who have gone through similar challenges when integrating with agile teams. This naturally leads to a discussion about leadership, influence, and stewardship— which is exactly what we need from designers to solve the “I told them what to do, but no one listens” anti-pattern.

Prepare to go beyond classical approaches like separate UX teams, staggered Sprints, and Design Sprints or Design Thinking cycles feeding “regular” Sprints!

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