Working in an Agile environment typically means that you work in-person, on-site with your team. As a UX practitioner, it’s almost a requirement so you can collaborate and create a better experience. However, there are times when you may need to work remotely (the development team is in one location and you are in a different office; or your entire team works from home; or you have development or design teams off-shore). This multi-location approach can make it difficult to sketch out solutions on the fly with your teammates, discuss functionality, or simply bond with your team. It can also make it challenging to represent the user’s needs accurately to your teammates.

Being physically distant from the people you need to work with can make you feel isolated. However, it doesn’t need to feel that way in today’s virtual world.

There are a number of strategies, tips and tools that can help you feel closer than ever to your teammates – and your users.

**I will be discussing 6 of them:**
* **Meeting in person isn’t the only way:** use your communication tools wisely
* **Makin’ friends:** build relationships online
* **Broadcast:** work live and in real-time
* **Nobody reads:** be sure people pay attention to your work
* **Make it real:** share your work
* **Call a member of the audience:** keep people involved

Each strategy will include case studies and stories about small shifts you can make through communication styles and tools, so you can feel like your colleague 2,000 miles away is sitting at the desk right next to you. Believe it or not, it is possible. Let me show you how.

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