Have you ever wondered how agile teams that contain various roles can gain alignment in areas such as process, practices, and craftsmanship while continuously improving. Well, the answer for our teams was establishing Communities of Practice (CoP). Our teams within DigitalGlobe went from four agile teams in one location to 12 agile teams in 3 locations in a matter of months. This rapid scaling presented multiple challenges around our established processes, practices, and individual craftsmanship. Furthermore, this rapid scaling also posed challenges to our continuous improvement culture now that we were so dispersed and teams had different levels of maturity.

This report will show you a pragmatic way to get started using CoP to help solve challenges that your agile teams face. The report will discuss the guiding principles and different types of CoP to help get buy in from all levels of the organization to get started and keep going. Furthermore, you will get a firm understanding on how to measure value of CoP in your organization in a qualitative and quantitative approach. Throughout this report, you will hear practical applications and learnings rooted from DigitalGlobe’s experience building and executing CoPs.

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