Why do certain products create passionate users while others struggle to gain traction? Is it Design? Usability? Simplicity? No. It’s branding. Branding isn’t just the purview of the marketing team anymore. In today’s crowded marketplace, making a product that works–or even works well–is no longer good enough. User Experience Branding is a process that helps build loyal customers and brand ambassadors by integrating our brand experience with our user experience.

Tailored for anyone involved or interested in the product development process, at any experience level, from CEOs to designers and developers, this talk will cover the role of emotion within the decision-making process and how influencing a user’s emotions during a product experience translates to brand loyalty. I’ll explain the fundamentals and purpose behind branding and why we need to focus on it more when designing experiences. I’ll demonstrate, with examples, how certain product organizations stay ahead of their competition by curating their brand. Finally, I’ll offer some quick tips for building your brand through your product, called Branding Moments, designed for Lean/Agile teams to execute swiftly, that they can start implementing immediately.

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