A smooth end-to-end flow of work through the system is a goal for teams and organizations, yet remains difficult or unachievable for many. Teams and organizations attempting to implement a smooth flow face many impediments. This session, and associated experience report, presents a useful set of metrics that reveal how work is flowing through your system. The right metrics tell a story about what is going on in the system. Drawing from my experiences working with Cisco teams around the world, this session will take you on a short tour of six metrics: cumulative flow, throughput analysis, cycle time, lead time, burn up, and velocity trend. Reflecting hard-won experience, this core set of metrics has evolved in our practice over the years to become a useful aid in identifying potential trouble spots or impediments in the system. The session and paper will also describe some challenges associated with these chosen metrics, and some other metrics that did not work out for us. The session and paper will provide practical advice on how to visualize and interpret the metrics, how they relate to each other, how they influence behaviour and decision-making, and how you can use them to see the underlying patterns and stories in your system.

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KEN POWER has held multiple positions in large technology organizations. His current responsibilities include leading global, large-scale engineering organization transformations. He has been working with agile and lean methods since 1999. He holds patents in virtualization and network management. His main interests include complex adaptive systems, sensemaking, flow-based development, software architecture, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, strategy, engineering management, and leadership. Contact him at ken.power@gmail.com.