MacGyver, an 80’s era action adventure TV hero, was famously known for his creative and inventive use of common items to escape dangerous situations. Agile coaching can be its own kind of adventure. Building trust in a new environment where the culture is unknown, and there are few available and familiar resources, can be a challenge. Jumping into a coaching role can be intimidating, overwhelming, and exciting. With books, blogs, and our ability to ‘Google’ anything, there is a wealth of information on coaching methods, practices, and approaches available at our fingertips to read, learn, and experiment. However, imagine none of that was available to you. No internet. No training manuals. Just you, your experience, and a little creativity.
In this exercise of mental muscle, we’ll MacGyver a coaching toolkit comprised of only your noggin, and random (un)common items. Can a jar of marbles and a dirty sock help you build trust? How can you use some rope and a baseball card to foster high performing teams? Will a picture of an elderly man and a coloring book provide growth opportunities as a coach? Stay tuned and we will find out…

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