Scaling is a very hot topic in our circles these days, isn’t it? Using crowd sourcing, self-organization, and World Cafe techniques, we… No, scratch that… YOU(!) will create a learning bonanza of monumental proportions. Using a short set of exercises facilitated by your able hosts, you will utilize “Individuals and Interactions” facilitation techniques to share and absorb knowledge about the “World” of Agile scaling approaches. You will have an opportunity to go deeper on approaches you are familiar with, as well as be exposed to some of the characteristics of other approaches — maybe ones you’ve never heard of. We want to “widen” your knowledge of scaling approaches. We expect that we’ll see discussions on the Scaled Agile Framework(tm), Large Scale Scrum, The Spotify approach, Enterprise Scrum, Enterprise/Portfolio Kanban, Lean Software Development, Lean Startup at Scale, Evidenced Based Management, Pattern Language of Programs, Scrum at Scale, Organizational Agility, and a host of others. We’re especially hoping that some people with knowledge about less known or ‘less named’ scaling techniques will show up and help educate us on what they have innovated around. The focus in this session will be about you learning and exchanging information with your peers. We will finish the session with a “tribes and travelers” World Café style bazaar and will upload a collection of photos and videos to the cloud, so that your takeaways will be available as close to real time as possible!

Reflecting a diverse “World” view, the skilled facilitators have backgrounds as diverse as Germany, Africa, and Texas, not to mention a whole bunch of Agile and scaling techniques! They will focus on helping YOU get the most out of the live workshop and maximize the learning outcomes. Participants will receive a handout that includes some pertinent information about the more well known scaling approaches. Participants will get the most out of this session if they have experienced Agile on a scale of 2-3 teams or more working on the same product/system. Come learn from the very best practitioners in the industry, your fellow conference peers!

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