Many organizations feel it is time to scale their teams and experience many challenges in their efforts. Are you asking yourself such questions as: Is the organization ready to scale? Are your agile teams stagnant and appear to be doing agile or going through the motions? Do you have a lack of team cohesion? Does your team appear to be falling back into the storming stage? Are scrum practices dwindling out with lack of enthusiasm? Are we wanting to scale due to governance or integration issues? Are you trying to scale your teams and facing struggles such as disengagement or unmotivated teams?

Let me introduce the concept of base camps to help with the questions and challenges in the teams’ journey to scale! As in climbing, base camps are positioned throughout your climb to provide supplies and an area for climbers to regroup. We want to provide the same support for agile teams throughout their agile journey. The base camp concept helps teams acclimate to the culture change, new ways of working with stakeholders, socializing and collaborating techniques, and understand the overall business. By utilizing the base camp concept, the teams understand their interpersonal dynamics to constantly reflect and improve how the teams can work together.

This session will help you determine if your organization and teams are ready to scale, explain the various base camps, identify and provide recommendations/actions to move to the next base camp, and provide a template to take back to your teams.

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