Vistaprint transformed its software development teams to Agile, reducing release cycles from 18 months to 3 weeks. But Marketing had to move faster to match this pace. The bottlenecks seemed to be in Creative (the in-house advertising agency). Could Agile work for Creative? Yes it could!

With a combination of in-depth training, embedded coaching, big visible boards, and a focus on the agile mindset, we reduced the lead time for one of our Creative Agency teams (North American email) from 8 weeks to 9 days. The cycle time dropped from 15 days to 4. Late night and weekend work disappeared. The on-time delivery rate soared and quality did not suffer. This approach is now being used to spread the Agile mindset (and best practices) to our managers, senior leaders and European operations. Showing that Agile works well outside of software is providing the traction for an enterprise-wide transformation.

In this presentation, we will explain the challenges we faced and the key steps that made this transformation successful. We will explain our engagement model and how we applied the Agile Marketing Values & Principles.

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David Grabel is an enterprise agile coach consulting at Fidelity Investments bringing Agile to the entire organization. He has introduced Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe at both small and large organizations. His previous clients include Vistaprint, Trizetto, Bose, and PayPal where he helped them adopt agile at the team and enterprise level. David has contributed to two recent books: The Agile Enterprise by Mario Moreira and Lean Agile Marketing by Femi Olajiga. He is certified as CSM, CSP, CAL I, KMP II, & SPC. David started his career as a software developer. He became a manager and executive at five startups and three large companies. He was Vice President of Engineering at Monetrics/JM Family Enterprises, Vice President of Internet Technology at Thomson/Gale, and Vice President of Development at Politzer & Haney. He is a board member and former President of Agile New England, a non-profit group dedicated to accelerating the adoption of agile throughout New England. David was the Co-Product Owner for Agile Games 2018. He has spoken at many conferences including Agile 2015 & 2016, Lean Kanban North America and Mile High Agile.

Staci works as an Agile Coach at Vistaprint in Waltham, MA. Her work includes, but goes well beyond coaching, training and educating. She is at the forefront of an Agile transformation – inspiring champions of change across the global Creative Agency at Vistaprint. Staci is a certified Agility Health Facilitator and ScrumMaster. Staci’s first exposure to Agility was as a design consultant, partnering with her clients – not contracting with them. Her diverse consulting portfolio spans Healthcare, Finance, Education, Commerce, Advertising, and Non-Profit industries and includes two pending patents. When Vistaprint integrated Experience Designers into Scrum teams she was trained in Emergn’s Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) agile education framework. While living the agile principles on a pilot project she emerged as an agile leader and mentor. This led to a new role for the Agency as an Agile Coach. Today, she is driving positive change and facilitating the adoption of agile principles and practices for 140 creative employees on 3 continents. Staci keeps a packed schedule leading education training sessions, and facilitating full-day workshops and group exercises (with 4-40+ participants). She can also be found organizing agile book clubs and supporting speaking engagements at local industry events. When not coaching and transforming teams, Staci enjoys hiking, skiing, and keeping up with her son.