Training is an important aspect of the learning process. We have Sharon Bowman’s brilliant work in “Training from the Back of the Room” helping us be better … in a box. A room. A single space of time.

However, this is not sufficient to achieve your potential as either individuals or organisations. The best organisations have embraced a culture of continuous learning. It’s outside the room. Learning is a mindset evident in everyday behaviours and drives the decisions people make. These companies have extended the agile concepts of continuous integration, automation, and deep customer focus beyond their software development work and into their coaching and L&D organisations’ mindset.

So how do we get our companies to that point? Learning is the single largest constraint to us to achieving the agility we seek, yet learning too often remains constrained by the “day of training” mindset. This workshop introduces and helps you explore learning strategies to help you make the science of learning a part of your organisational strategy. Together, we will practice designing systemic, culturally embedded learning using topics relevant to your organisation.

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