Traditional business management practices - cost accounting, budgeting and annual business strategy rounds set an inhibitor to your agile initiatives.
Traditional management practices are largely based on products and services being physical goods - i.e. sold once and cashed once.
With digital products and services we are transitioning to continuous mode of deliveries and continuous business models.
There is a request for disruption - as traditional business management leads to wrong decisions made, and to wrong kind of steering.
This session provides answers how to take CEO's decision-making toolboxes to 21st century.

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Maarit Laanti has a PhD on Scaling Agile, her PhD was titled as “Agile Methods in Large-Scale Software Development Organizations – Applicability and Model for Adoption”. She has a also background in hands-on product development work for more than 20 years, both from development and managerial positions, mostly from Nokia. From year 2007 to 2012 she was leading agile transformation in various units at Nokia. She has contributed Lean-Agile finance & control together with Rami Sirkiä to Scaled Agile Framework. In 2013 she co-founded Nitor Delta, now the leading agile training & coach for large-scale agile transformations. She has been awarded by the best research paper in LESS 2010.

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