Don’t you just hate it when a collaboration conversation stalls out and the only sound you hear is crickets? Awk-waard. Or, when a conversation becomes a battle of wills between two strong people, each advocating for their idea as if it’s life or death? Here we are, agilists, and we’re supposed to know how to **do** collaboration, yet the reality of team collaboration is often not as rosy as the buzzword. We still largely rely on talking as a primary means of collaboration, but that is not always the highest bandwidth form of communication, surprisingly enough. In fact, methods that have people collaborate silently FIRST can be a better way to go.

In this session, you will experience one such method known as informal constellations — they unstick conversations when they stall, unknot excessive advocacy and, generally, get the team’s creative juices flowing again. They are incredibly powerful for helping a team see what’s really happening so that they can make wiser decisions of all kinds, including how to better self-organize!

This is a workshop. First, you will experience the power of informal constellations as we do a few together. Then, you will be led, step-by-step, through the process of crafting constellations for your teams back home. In addition, the key aspects of successfully facilitating constellations will be revealed so that you can determine if you, or someone else, should step into the role of facilitator. This is a hands-on practical session, and includes a handout you can take home so you can better integrate what you learned. Constellations are fun and amazingly effective! Come play and learn.

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