The concept of DevOps turns 10 this year. Despite that it has been a decade since its birth, many organizations have yet to fully embrace DevOps practices and principles that aims to bring development, operation, and testing engineers to work together to improve agility of IT service delivery in today’s fast-paced ever-changing world.

Whether you are new to Devops or have been on this journey for a little while, we invite you to join us at this workshop where we will share the “Three Ways” of DevOps. The Three Ways are the key principles that all of the DevOps patterns can be derived from as explained by Gene Kim in his Phoenix Project book:

– Systems Thinking
– Feedback Loops
– Culture of continuous improvement and learning

The workshop focuses on using practical exercises to reinforce the learnings of the Three Ways. The practices are designed based on real life scenarios and are geared toward software development organizations.

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