Does your team have trouble focusing on anything other than implementing features? System qualities such as performance, maintainability or reliability don’t happen by magic. They need explicit attention and focus. What can we as system quality advocates—whether testers, developers, product owners, architects or project managers—do to raise awareness of the qualities of our systems? You’ve probably heard the mantra: make it work, make it right, make it fast. But it can be difficult to retrofit certain qualities into an existing implementation. Making it right means more than verifying the functionality meets stakeholder needs; it also means delivering on the qualities we want in our system. In this session you will be introduced to three simple techniques for specifying system qualities and paying attention to them: landing zones, quality scenarios, and quality checklists. You will also have an opportunity to briefly practice each technique. Yes, you can introduce simple practices that allow you and your team to pay ongoing attention to system quality.

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