Minimum viable product (MVP) has been defined, redefined, corrupted and morphed into something unrecognizable. Its definition changes by the moment, product, feature, team etc. The problem of user validation coming too late still exists, but another problem of too MUCH user feedback has emerged. When we focus on feedback that is overly specific, our MVP loses its intentional vagueness and ability to be generic across a similar user base. That is, we develop a product for a specific user or customer and the investment does not expand as easily to other users as the product scales, effectively nullifying much of our investment dollars and knowledge.

In this talk, Natalie shows real world examples of how she has seen MVP feedback used and abused across multiple large retail products and features. She describes key strategies to shift the traditional way of thinking to a leaner model while preserving options for delivery through “just enough” user feedback, and how to self-correct if feedback and product development becomes too centered on an overly-specific need.

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