How can you as a leader discover what is going on in the organization, culture and foremost, the system?
Are you a leader and faced with continuous change in your organization? Having more work to be done than you have the people to deliver these results? Are you planning on making the necessary changes to organize the work to be done? You’d better start looking for the voice of your system and start to listen!

Why is this important now? The way organizations work, are in a continuous state of change or even reorganization. And those who move with this change, win! This puts tension on the system, and it speaks through the Voice of the System. How to recognize the voice of your system to grow, as a leader, with your team(s) and as an organization?

In this session you will learn what the Voice of the System is? Who is the voice and what is their purpose? Why is it there and why it’s important for leaders to know who the voice of their system is? You will experience the power of this voice and hear real life examples of what happens when you ignore this voice and why it will never go away!

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