All the major Agile approaches (Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban) have their own areas of focus and specific practices, but since they all have a common ground of values and principles there is plenty of opportunity to blend them to find the best process for your organization. Some practices may cause friction and even outright conflict with each other, but when you understand the underlying reasons behind them you can better determine which ones will suit your environment and company values. When you start with your end goal in mind and work backwards from there, you can go beyond comparing the practices of different approaches in an effort to find the perfect one and move to aligning to the strengths and areas of focus behind these practices. This session outlines the core strengths and focuses of the major Agile approaches and where the align nicely, somewhat fit together, and conflict. We will cover many real world scenarios of these types of hybrid implementations as well as how they succeeded and failed. Come prepared to share your own goals and stories!

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