As organizations expand agility into the enterprise it quickly becomes clear that traditional approaches such as Scrum of Scrums and Release Trains are not sufficient. How do you move away from a fixed financial budget to create a lean and Agile product portfolio? Can you empower self-organizing teams when individually-focused Management By Objectives (MBOs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) rule the way the organizations measure progress?

Beyond Budgeting is a way of thinking that aligns with Agile and provides enterprises with the language, subject matter context and concrete detail necessary to address these dilemmas and complement the Agile mindset found in software and product development.

Created as part of Agile Alliance’s “Supporting Agile Adoption” workshop, this talk will define Beyond Budgeting, highlight how it aligns with Agile as well as describe where it differs and propose an approach to taking advantage of both lines of thinking to create a holistic approach to enterprise agility.

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