What is the single most-important skill needed by every member an Agile team? Here are some hints. It builds a culture of trust. It facilitates collaboration. It is critical in conflict resolution. It is a foundation for being able to deliver the right software. And it is something everyone can learn.

It is (drum roll please)… Active Listening.

Yup, active listening. That’s it. Sound simple? Maybe…. Think you already know how to do it? Perhaps…. And yet, in my experience, it is one of the most underused skills in today’s workplace. It is a skill that takes a short time to learn in concept and a lifetime to master in practice.

In this session we will examine active listening as a skill that can be learned, practiced and mastered.

The session will cover:
* What active listening is
* Why it is so important
* Why it is so difficult to put into practice
* Specific active listening techniques
* Intentional practice with feedback

Join us for a fun, interactive session and leave with new techniques and a whole new appreciation for this important skill that is foundational for team collaboration and success.

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