When creating a play or movie, what are the first three rules of directing? Casting, casting, and casting. How does Saturday Night Live produce sketch after sketch of comedy? By iterating. The principles of leadership and management in the worlds of theatre, TV and film offer a multitude of lessons for those who are leading high performing Agile teams. In this talk, John Krewson will walk through the journey of creating and delivering theatrical and film productions, then show how those principles can be used to improve the process of software delivery. He’ll dive into specific approaches and methods used by performers and directors that harness creativity, develop shared understanding, empower and motivate teams, and manage focus. The session will include multiple interactive demonstrations to further illustrate the application of these principles.

At the end of the talk, he’ll lead a facilitated discussion with the attendees to find similar principles among their personal interests. This discussion leads to a personalization of Agile leadership themes. For new leaders, finding metaphors they’re comfortable with will help them build their own leadership style. For seasoned leaders, the session offers good examples of how Agile leadership principles can be applied.

John has been a software development leader for ten years; an actor and director for over twenty, having appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1997.

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