"All men dream; but not equally" - T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) in the Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Perhaps the equivalent of that quote would be..."All teams collaborate: but not equally"

The theory states that collaborative teams are a desirable by-product of agile. In my experience, however, they are often a necessity and all teams have the potential to collaborate well. Yet not all teams do collaborate well so how do you turn a group of individuals into a creative, collaborative team? Are there any patterns that we can follow to help us increase our teams' collaboration?

This session will introduce you to a memorable model - HISTORY - that has been drawn from patterns observed in some of the most successful and collaborative agile teams I have seen that explain the foundational characteristics required for collaboration to exist and grow and will let you experience short, practical and easy-to-implement techniques that you can use with your team(s) to increase their collaboration.

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