In the VUCA world, only those businesses that can truly act with agility will be able to capitalize on new opportunities at the speeds and in the delivery models that the consumer demands. Regardless of the business vertical, agility is key. “Business Agility” itself is extremely elusive as consumers’ demands regularly outpace a business’ ability to deliver.

While a great Software Development Life Cycle helps enable agility, it will not get you business agility. The Steve Denning Learning Consortium on the other hand, is a community of several companies practicing agile across their organizations that have joined together to share best practices and drive learning at scale to create business agility models to share back to the agile community.

Microsoft, Spotify, Cerner, Ericsson, Barclays Bank, CH Robinson, and Riot Games have all presented their individual stories at Agile conferences globally. They have now joined forces to learn from each other under the leadership of Forbes contributor and author Steve Denning. Through a series of site visits, deep dive focus topics and free form discussions over the past 2+ years, the SDLC has uncovered several patterns that can help you on your journey to business agility and hold the promise to change the world of work.

The patterns are not unique to IT and are being successfully applied in HR, Support, Business Development and other business departments.

Key patterns include:
* Nurturing Culture
* Delighting Customers
* Descaling Work
* Enterprise-wide Agility

Join Steve Denning, Matt Anderson (Cerner), and Ahmed Sidky (Riot Games) to discuss how you can enable business agility in your organization.

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