Millions of dollars are spent every year on training at Accenture to make our coaches and consultants world class. The name of the organization with this mission is called Accenture Learning, and nearly two years ago they embarked on the journey towards agility. They, like many large organizations, are at the intersections of scale: they have a heavily distributed team *and* want to be more Agile in their approach.
Co-location has been seen as by some as a litmus test for the seriousness of an Agile transformation, but is it? Can a coach enter the engagement with integrity, knowing that co-location is largely out of the question? I’ve coached many teams that have had remote aspects to them, so when faced with completely distributed, non-software teams, I jumped at the chance. I saw this as a unique opportunity to learn about remote work and advance my own company by influencing them in an Agile direction.
There are two questions at the heart of this engagement. One, what sort of benefits can a distributed organization expect from an Agile transformation? Second, how did I modify my approach (and continue to) in the year I’ve been there? I hope you rush to this session to find out!

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