Business Agility represents the ability of an organization to rapidly respond to changing market conditions by continuously delivering products and services that meet evolving customer demands. In a world being ‘eaten by software’, business agility is completely dependent on an organizations ability to create and deploy innovative digital systems. That, in turn, requires the mastery of core technical competencies — including team and technical Agility, implementation of DevOps and a continuous delivery pipeline, and lean portfolio management. And yet Business Agility demands even more. All aspects of the enterprise — leadership, sales, marketing, operations, supply, manufacturing, finance, legal, HR and more— must become more agile and adaptive, and more fluid in its organization. These teams need to be more Agile in their approach, and must also understand how to work with an Agile technology organization.

In this tutorial, Dean Leffingwell will describe the competencies needed to achieve true business agility —agility based on confidence in the ability to deploy innovative technical solutions more quickly than ever before—coupled with the business skills necessary to more rapidly adapt to evolving customer demand.

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