Conway’s Law states that the shape of a software system will reflect the
organization that built it.
The original observation was: given four departments tasked with building
a compiler, the result would be a four pass compiler.

The less known corollary to this, that I choose to call “the Reverse Conway”, is that as influencers of architecture, no matter what title you wield, you have the opportunity to apply this law in reverse, with stunning results.

This talk will cover the rationale behind Conway’s Law and The Reverse Conway and provide examples of how these insights have been, and are being, applied. You’ll walk away with an understanding for how architectural decisions can provoke organizational change.

The intertwined nature of organizational design and technology will be highlighted with contemporary examples to show how this idea is already changing how we build systems and organize work.

Come learn & share about how architecture is a social discipline, how organizational design impacts technology and how Agile helps managing the complexities of both.

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