Many ask how do Agile and DevOps fit together? Even more importantly, how do you get there? Three of Microsoft’s largest divisions started with radically different approaches and have had very unique journeys. Ironically, they have come to very similar live-site, customer-based and Agile places. One of the Product Groups releases daily thanks to 36,000+ automated test cases. Another flights on demand daily and continues to see increases in quality and customer satisfaction. Microsoft IT is the newest on this journey and has succeeded in key service offering areas to attain early DevOps results.

This session will candidly share the unique approaches, challenges and learnings along the way for these massive organizations spanning 15,000+ employees. It will provide the opportunity to understand the key investments and changes these organizations had to make to help Microsoft accelerate its digital transformation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions on how this can be applied to your organizations. This interactive talk will be especially applicable to those change agents seeking to influence enterprise level transformation. This session will include real-time surveys with participants to spot check whether attendees are actively trying similar tactics and if they are working for them too.

Key learning goals for this session are to share the different strategies to get to DevOps at scale, their pros and cons from real world journeys. This presentation embraces the principle of Kaizen and the benefit of learning from others.

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