Does a group play because they are a team? Or are they a team because they play?  

Where does the idea of “play” fit into coaching teams? It is just a stress reliever, distraction or reward? Recent research indicates that play is not a by-product of a great team. It is actually a critical catalyst. Play supports higher and more stable team performance, better problem- solving, stronger decision-making, increased resiliency in the face of failure, and greater flexibility when things inevitably change. In other words – play is a natural antidote for the challenges of the modern agile world. As coaches – we can coach our teams towards higher performance by creating opportunities for both serious and silly play.

In this fast-paced playshop, we will explore the world of play by playing! Based on the National Bestseller “Play” by Stuart Brown, M.D. – this session examines the recent research on the benefits of play and the alignment of modern business play with coaching Agile teams. Participants will play a game to discover their own “play personality” amongst the eight “play personalities” proposed by Dr. Brown, and we’ll explore practical applications as coaches to leverage the play personalities on teams to achieve better business outcomes along with more fun!

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