We have passed into a new era; one in which it is impossible to keep up with the flow of information. As a result, uncertainty and ambiguity play an exponentially increasing role in our workplace and our lives. We can no longer rely on methodical analysis to make decisions. Fortunately, there is a powerful method for making quality yet fuzzy decisions that fits perfectly into a probe-sense-respond type of system; in other words, most every situation that we encounter. This talk will demonstrate how agile principles are becoming increasingly important in today’s age of uncertainty. I will then discuss the incredible power of the subconscious mind and how it actually processes the same data as the conscious mind, but in a much more effective manner. Methods to enhance the power of your own intuition will be explored and practiced via workshop exercises. This concept should be extremely useful for agile coaches, ScrumMasters, catalytic leaders, and others working in an industry fraught with ambiguity.

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