Becoming Agile is never easy and never ending. Each of us who works with teams, and organizations spends a lot of time focusing on how to help others become more Agile. Just as critical though, is the need reflect on how WE can improve our capacity for Agile Servant Leadership because in different ways, each of us is our own greatest champion and worst enemy when it comes to Agile adoption.

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced Agile practitioners who are interested in deepening their understanding of how to do more of the things that already enable them as Agile leaders, and would like to explore the things that are holding them back.

This session will introduce the Five Measures and the Personal Agility Canvas, a tool modeled on the Business Model Canvas that Agile Practitioners can use to:
– Gain a better understanding of the facets impacting the potential for Agility in a work environment
– Set goals for improving individual capacity to become a better Agile Leader
– Identify key areas of focus for improvement
– Establish a plan to achieve the goals that have been set

Participants in this session will be guided through how to use these tool to assess and enhance their own personal agility. We will also spend time on how to facilitate the use of these tools with team members and organizations so that the participants are prepare to introduce this on site once they have returned to work.

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