Want to know how the top PMO offices are adding value and operating in the most profitable organizations?
Driving people to get more done with less has been proven to fail. So what do we do now?

The top EPMOs and PMOs are heavily involved in their organization’s transformation to a modern business. They’re moving from being project focused and managing constraints to being business focused and ensuring strategic value is created. They understand the entire value stream and are no longer focused on execution. A great PMO has made the transformation from driving teams to get work done, to ensuring top market and corporate value are created. They are delivering business guidance to the entire corporation and ensure the company is using real data to manage vs. the verbal status reports of the past. They deliver real business results.

In this session we will review the ways Modern PMOs are thriving in successful organizations. We’ll review the strategic and tactical changes you can make to your organization to thrive. Hear real-world examples of how companies are moving from vintage Project and Program Management to today’s Modern Product Management. Ensure success for not only your PMO, but for your company.

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