Project, Program, and Portfolio management are necessary, but not sufficient. The missing element? Product Management. Viewing the software we work on not just as a collection of projects, but as a product that moves through a lifecycle is essential to good portfolio management and true delivery on business value.

Product Owners, Program Managers, and IT Portfolio Managers often lack this critical perspective, evidenced by frequently-changing roadmaps, continuing dissatisfaction from business stakeholders, and low adoption rates.

In this 75-minute presentation, we will explore the top responsibilities that are critical to product, portfolio, and personal success. Topics include:

* The secret of effective roadmaps: product lifecycles and strategies

* Developing light-weight but effective business cases

* Agile approaches for product launch and adoption

These topics will bring insight to the following track questions:

* If we are so good at Agile project, program, and portfolio management, why are so many companies on their second or third attempt?

* How have you merged organization strategy with project and portfolio management?

* What tools and techniques work for you in moving organizations to a more Lean and Agile planning and delivery process?

Participants will receive a tool in each area to help them improve their process and performance on the job.

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