Does your leadership stance spark joy?

Would you like to clear clutter from the complex system where you lead?

How do you cultivate an Agile mindset for yourself and others?

Open Space Events like Agile Coach Camp, or a regional Agile Open Conference, or an internal Open Space Company event can spark joy, and help you cut through the clutter surrounding you in the systems where you lead. Can Open Space Technology be life-changing for leaders?

This session asks; “What can a leader learn from the principles and law of an Open Space Event. How can that radically enhance their practice of agile leadership and spark joy in themselves and others?

We will explore leadership in autonomous, self-organising teams as well as leadership that supports autonomous self-organising teams. We will also explore ways to improve an organisation’s level of agility, and we will look at psychological safety.

If you’re a leader at any level — including manager, founder, scrum master, product owner, coach, or developer—I invite you to explore the principles (and one law) of open space with other leaders who share your passion in this session. I invite you to deepen your leadership with the practice of holding space.

This is not a session about Open Space Agility (in case you were wondering). Nor is it a session for training new open space facilitators (although open space facilitators may pick-up some tips). This is is a session about how the agile adjacent practice of “holding space”, which comes from Open Space Technology, can deepen leadership at all levels. This workshop will explore how this practice can be one of the allusive keys to leading with an an agile mindset.

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