How do people learn in an Agile way? In this workshop we’ll give you the user manual to the most complex object in the known universe – the human brain! Our brain drives how we learn, and this workshop will show you how to tailor instruction and activities to create safe and effective learning environments.

In this workshop we will briefly cover some core neuroscience and psychology topics anyone who teaches needs to know. Come play a series of games designed with specific techniques you can immediately use to improve your teaching. We’ll briefly cover:

* Neurophysiology – How the structure of our brain impacts how we learn and process information
* Neuroplasticity – How the brain physically changes as we learn new things
* Cognitive bias – How a learner’s perception of an idea (and our environment) can fundamentally change how the way learners hear and understand what you’re teaching.

We’ll cover these concepts using games and activities specifically designed to help you learn and retain the information efficiently. We’ll also discuss how to build the appropriate environment to make learning safe, and lightly touch on how to build courses with all of these things in mind using Training from the BACK of the Room.

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