Are you sick and tired of hearing the word “Transformation”? Do you feel that it is one of the most over-used and least understood nouns/adjectives/adverbs in the English language? Would you be okay with not talking about transformations for the next 10 years? The good news is that you are not alone. The bad news is that the process to stop feeling this way is long and slow and perhaps painful as well. But first things first, why do you feel this way and how did you get here?

Many large Enterprises are undergoing some version of an Agile Transformation and have been at it for a more than a couple of years. However, the promise of wonderful results never actually materialized. Why? Are Enterprises solving the wrong problems at the wrong time? Is it just easier to do that so that they can “get started”?

When an Enterprise doesn’t solve the really hard problems, when they try to fix what’s not broken, Enterprise Transformation Fatigue sets in . This Fatigue is a real thing and any Enterprise that has decided to “Do Agile” is suffering from it. They may not know it, acknowledge or agree with it, but it’s real and it’s here.

Are you a change champion? Are you in the midst of a transformation? Are you considering transitioning to the coaching role? Do you have basic knowledge of Agile frameworks, values and principles?

If you answered “YES”, then wouldn’t you like to have a set of tools in your tool belt to deal with this fatigue? Or better yet, wouldn’t you like some tools to help you keep your sanity!

If you answered “YES” again, then you’re just the person who needs this session!

Let’s get together to give this fatigue a clear definition that resonates in simple language.
Let’s learn to recognize symptoms of these different types of transformation fatigue and tips to combat them
and last but NOT least
Let’s explore how we can pivot from where we are to where we want to be

Aruna Chandrasekharan is an Enterprise Change Agent@Cognizant Technology Solutions. She is interested in leadership engagement for “Sustainable Transformations” where leaders are truly “leading” the change. Over these last several years, she has arrived at this notion of Agile Transformation Fatigue across the entire organization and the unfortunate inevitability of it.

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