Agile, or any kind of organizational transformation, requires a level of leadership equipped to skillfully navigate their organization through massive change, in both the external and internal dynamics that are present throughout the change. That level of leadership goes beyond just outcome-creating (Creative) leadership, and extends to the next stage, which is Integral Leadership. Integral Leadership is built on an integral mind, one that is able to hold polarities, unresolvedness, tension and contradictions. We’ve been using The Leadership Circle’s developmental tool to talk about moving from the Reactive to the Creative. This development allows for a person to move from the Competent Manager, to the Visionary Leader, who operates from passion, rather than fear-based Reactivity. The developmental shift to Integral Leadership moves the focus on ‘Results’ & ‘Relationships’ to a focus on the ‘Whole’. This developmental shift to Integral Leadership allows for Servant Leadership, with the whole system’s welfare as their focus, and operates from a place of compassion. It is Integral Leadership that has the developed capacity to lead transformational change.

In this session, we will take a practical and fun approach to explore each person’s own orienting quadrant and potentially inherent translations (perceptions) of other’s orientations. Being able to skillfully see another person’s way of seeing things requires us to first understand our own way of seeing. As transformation leaders and coaches, our ability to shift our structure of attention to focus on the whole, rather than coming from our own inherent bias’, is the single most deciding factor as to how far we can take our organizations and our clients. This session will help you see why Integral Leadership is a developmental journey and an imperative for the next stage of leadership needed in our world.

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