The Dojo; it’s not just for IT teams anymore. What can your business teams gain from spending time in the Dojo? Immersive learning experiences helping them to adopt Agile and Product values, principles and practices while strengthening their working relationships with IT and technology development teams. The Dojo is helping teams bridge the gap between business and IT while accelerating Target’s journey towards Business Agility.

Like so many organizations, Target is in the midst of a volatile industry. Transformation is necessary and agility is essential. Being several years into this journey, iteration, experimentation and a culture of continuous improvement and learning are taking hold. Where we started and where we are now does not look the same, and it is product thinking and business involvement that have emerged as the next step in our evolution towards Business Agility.

During this session, we will share our journey of how we leveraged the Dojo to bring agility to our business teams. Join us in this session to hear stories from the trenches as we highlight experiences from a variety of business teams (Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Marketing, Learning & Development, Store Operations, and Property Development).

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