How did a virtual band top the Billboard chart for World Digital Songs? Was it a coincidence? Was it a one-time wonder? Hopefully not! It was an unexpected yet desired result of building the foundation of business agility, not to avoid disruption or adapt to external forces, but to operate in a universe where we place our players firmly in the center of our universe. In this session, we will discuss the Copernican Revolution that informs our mindset for business agility and how we balance the interplay between top-down strategy and bottom-up ideas to delight our players. We will also describe the implementation of key components of business agility, including Leadership, Individuals, Operations and the core Relationships that enable or hinder business agility. We will also explain why business agility is a journey that relies on what we call “the grind” and learning through experimentation rather than a framework, model, or methodology. We hope to illustrate the power of a new mindset for business agility by sharing the outputs, the outcomes, and the journey we’ve experienced at Riot Games.

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