Requirements, feature lists, quantitative data. We understand business requirements and technical feasibility quite well. But what does it mean to collaborate with your users in the product design process? It can be a lot more challenging to make sense of user research and how to get from speaking to customers to creating better user-centered products.

This session demystifies the process of getting from user research to insights and an actionable framework for experience design that informs your product development.

I have applied this framework across startups through to enterprise scale product and service development programs to improve problem/solution and product/market fit.

In this practical session you will learn how to put together a framework that captures the insights and opportunity you have gleaned from collaborating with your customers and help guide your product development process with clear user goals and design principles.

You will be able to create a frame of reference for decision making that incorporates
– insights derived from customer research (qualitative user interviews)
– trends / best practice desk research
– business requirements capture (stakeholder interviews)
– audience definition (personas) that also inform recruitment of participants for testing throughout the development process
– proposition/opportunity
– scenarios
– user journeys
– touchpoint mapping
– design principles (draw from brand, product, dev and UX)

To create:
– Framework for prioritising and decision making
– Briefs for brainstorming / whiteboarding sessions with the whole team
– Briefs for user recruitment

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