We all know what The Lean Startup is about: Build-Measure-Learn, persevering or pivoting, and validated learning to get to product/market fit with a Minimal Viable Product. But for all its goodness, the method says nothing about pitching, funding, hiring, finance, or working as a team.

As the Founder/CEO and leader of a startup, I have raised more than 1M euros in what (I believe) was a very agile round of pitching and funding. I have a team of 12 people that I hired in a way that everyone considered fun, engaging, and agile. As a fully remote (non-collocated) team, we had to come up with some alternatives to standard agile practices that (we think) are still agile. And our agility stretches as far as our finances, our business model, and our board members.

The Lean Startup is a must-read for every entrepreneur and leader. But it covers only a small portion of a startup’s responsibilities. What you really need to do as a founder and manager of a startup is to learn how to run an Agile Startup.

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