George Bernard Shaw once famously quipped that the biggest mistake in communication was the illusion that it happened. Likewise when influencing others to adopt a change, the largest challenge faced is that most of our efforts to change other’s behaviors don’t realize the changes we hope. Failing this, many organizations become directive and attempt to implement a change they way they may install a large piece of enterprise software. Organizations use consultants and lay out change strategies, which frequently degrade into directives, rules, and mandates that either fall by the wayside or are harshly enforced. This session is an exploration of a broader array of influence and change strategies beyond the traditional top down models of influence by dictate.

Based on the breakthrough research of numerous change experts, we’ll walk you through six dimensions of change that can help create the environment through which people are influenced to adopt the changes you are seeking. Using examples from the field, we will walk you through an exercise identifying influences, understanding their impact and developing new strategies. We will also help you identify which are your preferences and give you a way to better engage with others when talking about change so as to build the broadest and most inclusive approach for influencing positive change.

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