As testers, Dan and Emma appreciate the difficulties of communicating from the perspective of a tester on a team however this issue is not unique to any role. Testing has always been about good communication, testing the wrong thing adds very little value to the product. Agile has heightened the need for productive communication skills as it is based around collaboration. This interactive workshop will highlight the challenges and key concepts of good communication and how to use techniques to enhance your collaborations with others. Attending this workshop will enable you to illicit the information you need and maximise communication opportunities, making sure you are conveying the information people need to know in a manner in which it will be received.
If you want new techniques to help enhance the communication on your team then this is the workshop for you.

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About the Speaker(s)

Dan is currently working as the Head of Software Testing at eBay in London. He has a mix of experiences having worked as a tester, a coach and a leader at various companies within various software industries. Dan is an established public speaker within the software testing and agile communities, having been conducting talks all over the world over the past 7years. He also co-hosts the "Testing In The Pub" podcast (testinginthepub.co.uk)and is the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic (softwaretestingclinic.com), a free software testing course that runs monthly sessions in 5 cities across the UK, offering a safe environment to teach people about testing and allows more experienced people to get into mentoring. You can find out more about Dan on his website and on social media: danashby.co.uk twitter.com/danashby04

Emma comes with a degree in Computer Science many moons ago and chose to work as a test engineer, starting out as a compiler tester in the semi conductor chip industry. During this time she became familiar with both hardware and software and used many languages (ARM, C PHP etc) to develop and enhance automated testing against a suite of tools and enable developers to be able to initiate their own builds and determine the status of these and allow them to investigate build issues early. This good grounding in the develop lifecycle and the varied development activities from what is now called DevSys, develop build and test through to release was invaluable to the rest of her career. She has continued this career path under different job titles and in different methodologies and varied languages but always believing that it is important to consider the whole development cycle from conception through to release, support and maintenance. This led over the last twelve years to a feeling of affinity with the agile development methodology. She has been actively involved in training and coaching internally throughout her career and but stepped out of her comfort zone to reach a wider audience within the community. Being part of the BBST training team, speaking at conferences and running workshops.