Business Analysts assigned to assist Agile teams or working directly on an Agile team may find themselves either torn in many directions or struggling to see where they fit in. Business Analysts considering Agile as professional growth may be hesitant due to rumors they've heard about struggles for Agile BA’s and the nightmares of going from a strict Waterfall environment to an Agile one. Robert Woods from MATRIX will help attendees tackle head on some of the rumors and myths surrounding the Agile BA and very common struggles a Business Analyst may encounter with Agile teams. Attendees will see how the Business Analyst role is actually critical to the Agile team's overall success. We will answer questions such as:

• What is the role for an Agile BA?
• How can I help my Agile team with compliance and documentation needs?
• Why is my Waterfall experience not a bad thing?
• How will Agile improve my overall collaboration on business requirements?
• How does my job as an Agile BA create real business value?
• Where are my opportunities for professional growth on an Agile team?

Attendees will walk away with practical ways they can become active leaders for their teams, achieve professional growth and help bridge the Business and IT Alignment gap so many organizations strive for!

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