Imagine the freedom you would have to develop great software if making changes to the database were both faster *and* safer. Hard to picture? Perhaps not – database changes are not so different from code, except for one essential difference: the data.

This session will explore the tension between the speed imperative of Agile and the safety requirements of database administration. Despite years of practices built around assumptions to the contrary, we will see how both needs are better satisfied when the two sides join forces. Faster and more reliable deployments can be achieved through a combination process change, education, and technology.

Together we’ll walk a happy path through the technologies needed to automate a database delivery process. With actual customer case studies, we will look at steps to transformation, drawing out the common methods from their unique situations. You will come out with an understanding how to customize practices and toolsets, building a database delivery pipeline best suited to your environment. The result will accelerate your own database delivery, while protecting your organization’s most valuable asset: its data.

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