Autonomous teams (think ‘Spotify model’) are held up as a way to scale Agile, while improving team effectiveness and engagement. However, it’s possible to really screw it up. Trust us, we know!

Chris and Elizabeth are the development and product leaders at Redgate Software. In mid-2016 we were facing a crisis of disengaged developers, and it felt like a slog to get anything done. We drew on all the change-management tricks we knew to embrace a model of ‘aligned autonomy’ for teams. A critical part of that was building up leadership at all levels of the organization, making it possible to succeed and scale.

Full disclosure: we screwed it up at first. However, by going back to the principles we were able to correct course for the teams, and later with the executive board.

Looking back, this change was trickier than we first realized, and we hope to save you some missteps on your own journey. Join us to learn some lessons (the easy way) about how to improve the engagement of your teams and grow leadership from top to bottom.

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