Many companies think the way to transform to Agile is to bring in an Agile training company, train all their employees, then set the teams loose, sit back, and do business as usual. These companies can’t understand why, after a year or so, they still aren’t “Agile” and why projects continue to flounder. One of the keys is to understand that Agile transformations require managers to do more leading and less managing. For managers, Agile is about paving the way, then getting out of the way. Brian Lawrence talks about Gateway EDI’s Agile transformation and the role of both IT and business leaders in this transformation. He presents 7 key essentials that managers need to learn and follow in order for an Agile transformation to succeed. These essentials include dealing with non-Agile business thinking, IT management style changes, how roles such as project managers must transform, and how to measure success without fostering negative behavior.

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