What do you do when your customer says “The other Agile workshops we’ve had were like the Gilligan’s Island, all of them ended in a shipwreck of no value.” Would you like instead, to hear your customer say “You’re the real deal, can you please facilitate 3 more workshops”? This facilitation design workshop will show you how to streamline your content and use a repeatable method that intensifies the value so much that they will keep asking for more coaching from you.

In this session, you will learn a facilitation design method to:
• Create a visual radiator as your facilitation guide
• Visualize your end to end value for the whole workshop (no matter how many hours long)
• Build-in audience engagement
• Adapt and responds to change by easily moving topics and exercises around in the flow
• Plug and play content, exercises and facilitation techniques from any method

In this session you will hear about the proven approach from facilitators who have had increased coaching callbacks due to using this method. In addition, you get to see how others have designed the same workshop in different ways. The materials used in this workshop will be available for your future use. With this method you will have no reason to fear the infamous 3-hour tour.

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